We are a Digital Creative Agency located on beautiful Kent Island in Maryland. We build custom websites and applications for web and mobile platforms.

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What is Responsive Website Design?

Have you ever pulled up a website on your smartphone or tablet in a microscopic font?  You zoom in, swipe around, and lose your place—if it’s too tedious, why bother? Most visitors won’t. Prior to the advent of mobile technology, websites were design to display on desktop monitors only.  Desktop oriented sites don’t display well […]

Web Fundamentals - May 16, 2013

The Basics of Hosting

Every website needs to be “hosted” somewhere. What does that mean exactly? Well, websites are made up of a number of files including code files, images and other media, and in some cases, one or more databases. For all of that to come together and be a website, those files must reside on a web […]

Web Fundamentals - March 12, 2013